One Day of Dancing – A Weekend of Fun!

Top Teacher Prize Money - $4,000

Closed Bronze/Silver Multi-Dance Events

Scholarship Money $8,600


Judges & Officials

Chairman of Judges:

Richard Booth   Denver, CO


Master of Ceremonies:



Mark Brock   Columbus, OH



Jennifer Booth   Denver, CO
Mark Weiss   Los Angeles, CA
Michael Johnson   Salt Lake City, UT
Sergei Shapoval   Las Vegas, NV
Stephan Krauel   San Francisco, CA



Ava Kaye Brennen   San Francisco, CA


Deck Captain:

Yolanda Vargas   San Diego, CA



Brent Mills    

Prize Money

Top Teacher Prize Money - $4,000


Prize Male Teacher

Minimum Entries

1st $ 1,500.00 100
2nd $ 1,000.00 80
Place Prize Female Teacher Minimum Entries
1st $  500.00 60
2nd $  300.00 40

Double Your Entries And We Will Double The Prize Money!

*To qualify for top teacher, professional and students must be on package. Amateur entries do not count toward top teacher but do count towards top studio. Prize money will be based on minimum entries. (Example: 1st place top teacher has 85 entries, prize money will be $1000.00)

Pro/Am Open Scholarships

(Five Dance Event)



1st $   300.00
2nd $   150.00
3rd $    75.00

*To qualify for scholarship entry each participant must have a minumum of 5 single dance entries in each style of scholarship they enter.

Closed Bronze/Silver Combined Scholarship

(Four Dance Event)



1st $   150.00
2nd $   100.00
3rd $    75.00


Champion Dance Shoes

Paradigm Digital DVD

Fiore Ballroom Designs
Champion Dance Shoes Logo Paradigm Digital Fiore Ballroom Design Logo


Hair & Makeup by Olga

Ballroom Boutique

Jenny Rozhkova
Olga Blinova Ballroom Boutique Jenny Rozhkova


Santos Designs

Designs By Jeravae

  Dance Star Design  
Santos Design Designs by Jaravae Dance Star Design